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Therapy and counseling have grown up in the 100+ years since Freud psychoanalyzed patients on a couch

...while the doctor (mostly silent) nodded and listened or asked, “now tell me about your Mother”. Therapy often lasted for years and often left patients without concrete strategies for growth and change instead relying on “ah ha” moments of bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness.


There is a still an important place for psychoanalytic theories but modern therapists incorporate newer, evidenced-based practices to maximize client benefits and reduce the time necessary to reach their goals in an active, collaborative process. Together, using these therapies, you and I will create a plan with concrete strategies to help you feel better and create a more beautiful life (and it won’t take years)!

Anxiety Treatment for Adults & Teens

We’ll explore what’s causing your anxiety by looking at lessons you learned in childhood as well as current communication and relationship skills. We'll then address symptoms using both thinking-based CBT and mind-body interventions.

Relationship Counseling

Dealing with other people can seem very confusing until you understand the rules that underly all great relationships. With a little bit of encouragement to take risks, you can move beyond just getting by in relationships to making them flourish.

Individual Psychotherapy

Using evidence-based practices, we will work together to understand your situation, map out a plan, explore options with creativity, and learn new skills side by side to help you achieve your goals.

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