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Change your scenery - change your point of view

Trees outside the office at Prima Way

What is Walk & Talk Therapy?

Walk & Talk therapy is a form of counseling that takes your sessions outside, where you will benefit from breathing fresh air, feeling the sunshine on your face, and seeing a wider view of the world.

You're in the office all day, boxed in by four walls without a view.  Or you may be home all day with your kids trying to be both parent and teacher while working remotely.  You really need some time and space that’s just for you. Being inside so much, you may only see the sun during your commute or only briefly at lunch. And you may sit all day which has made you feel a little stuck in both body, mind and spirit.  

Research shows that physical movement encourages psychological movement and can accelerate breakthroughs and change. Gentle exercise produces brain chemicals called endorphins that have a proven positive impact on mental health–especially depression and anxiety. ​

Basically, you just need some fresh air to clear your mind and to stretch your legs, and someone who’s there only for you. I can walk alongside you to help you make sense of it all, or imagine a different future. Now might be the perfect time if anything is ever going to change and be different in your life.

Santa Clarita Paseo Walking Path

Walk & Talk Therapy can happen in a public park or on nearby trails and can be a leisurely walk or a brisk hike (whichever you prefer). Either way, it has the added benefit of providing you with the in-person support of a trained therapist. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, or you’re just not “feeling it”, of course, we can meet via video or phone instead. 

Santa Clarita Paseo Walking Path

Common Questions

Is this a cardio workout?

No. This is slow to moderate walking, not running or fast walking. But will you feel better after a 50-minute walk where someone listens to your story and doesn’t shut you down? You will!

Where are the sessions?

We can meet at my office and walk the nearly empty bike path along the Santa Clara River, or we can meet at Central Park or other local Santa Clarita Paseo walking paths. Some choose a route near their work or home, along a quiet side street. As long as it isn’t further than 5-6 miles from my office I’m open to your choice.

When are the sessions?

Based on my availability and yours. We’ll work together to schedule a time that works for both of us. One of my main goals is to make this as convenient as possible. If getting to your therapy appointment is just another hassle – why do it?

What style of therapy is this?

Walk & Talk therapy is best suited to problem-solving talk rather than in-depth exploration of childhood issues or trauma. Solution-focused methods focusing on how your strengths can be mobilized to create a new future is my favorite in this setting. Clients who have worked through the initial stages of grief and loss often benefit from getting out of the office, and I find being outside aids in creatively re-imagining a new, life without a loved one. Other kinds of life transitions all along the lifespan also benefit from this active “forward moving” therapy style.

Are you a licensed therapist or just a fitness or wellness coach?

I am licensed in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist. This allows me to provide psychotherapy to adults, children, couples, families and groups. My license number is: MFT-52479 and I have been licensed since 2012. You can read more about my background here.

How much does a Walk & Talk session cost?

My fee is the same for a 50-minute hour session regardless of if it’s in the office or outdoors.

Who should try Walk & Talk therapy?

Walk & Talk is suitable for all ages, but works especially well with adolescents who might otherwise not be excited about going to therapy. Your teenager might be feeling really isolated and struggling with negative moods during this time of Covid when so many of their usual opportunities for socializing (that help build identity apart from parents) are only online and confined to the home. Side-by-side walking can make it easier for teens to discuss feelings with an attuned adult professional, than sitting across from them in a therapy office or looking through a computer screen. Teenagers are often much more enthusiastic about “going to therapy” when it’s outdoors and they, like most adults, feel more energized by the end of an active session like Walk & Talk.

What do I need to do now?

Get in touch and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.  Together, we'll create a plan with concrete strategies to help you feel better and create a more beautiful life (and it won’t take years!)

Ready to get started? 

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