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What do they all have in common? 

They're all relationships. 

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These are some of the most common causes of problems in relationships:
Human beings innately crave connection. However, when we're young, most of us don’t get any help learning how to manage relationships in a healthy way.

Modern love is complicated. Family life can be chaotic. Divorce can lead to challenges with Co-parenting. People at work say and do crazy things. It’s hard to understand and know what to do when relationships get off track or conditions change., Sadly we don’t exactly learn the rules of healthy relationships in our families of origin, or at school. ​​

Has your relationship been torn apart due to
 affair, infidelity or betrayal? 
I can sensitively lead you through a
targeted 4-6 month recovery program 
to move forward & beyond infidelity--whether together or apart. 
Either way you will grow individually and as a couple and you will know
by the end, whether you should stay or go. 
Conflicting Expectations
  • sex

  • money

  • substance use

  • children & childcare 

  • goals & mission

  • beliefs & values

Unhealthy Communication
  • ​cycles of warfare

  • game playing

  • passive aggression

  • excessive criticism

  • cycles of withdrawal

  • gaslighting

Life Changes & Milestones
  • retirement

  • job loss or change

  • parenthood

  • empty nest syndrome

  • health issues

  • divorce

Problematic Emotions & Behavior
  • jealousy

  • trust issues

  • infidelity 

  • narcissism 

  • contempt

  • abusive behavior

Relationships can seem very confusing until you understand the rules that underly all great relationships, learn the necessary skills and then master the strategies that lead to success.  There's a DNA to relationships and I can help you unravel it!

Together, we'll help you gain a sense of confidence that you are OK as a human being, (tossing in a little support to find the courage to take risks) so you can move beyond “just getting by” in relationships and learn how to make your relationships flourish. 

My Approach

Work with a therapist with specialized training in relationships


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with an extensive graduate education and post-clinical training in helping couples and families understand and improve their relationships. This goes beyond many counseling degrees and licensing requirements that don’t get the fully systemic training that MFT’s have.


I use Family Systems thinking combined with both Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy frameworks to help you grow personally in the context of your relationships. I also have training in Strategic Intervention Relationship Coaching and Nonviolent Communication both of which provide specific strategies for maximizing relationship satisfaction. 

What do I need to do now to take the next step towards a great relationship?

Get in touch and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.  Together, we'll create a plan with concrete strategies to help mend your relationships and create a more beautiful life (and it won’t take years!)


Ready to get started? 

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