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Counseling & Therapy
for Anxious Adults & Teens

Marriage & Family Therapy
Anxiety & Depression Treatment
Expressive Arts Therapies


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Hi, I’m Arlette Kassel, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Art Therapist and Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional.
Finding the right therapist can be tough, I get it.  Practices are full and often, therapists without space just don't have the time to call you back.

If you or your teen are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief & loss or other challenges, please call me and I promise you will hear back from me as soon as possible. I am a skilled relationship counselor and utilize a variety of modalities to help you increase satisfaction in this area and the therapeutic relationship with me begins during your first phone call.

I have been where you are right now.  Feeling lost, alone with overwhelming feelings or problems and afraid to ask for help.  If this is you, please reach out.
I can help. 

- Looking forward to hearing from you, Arlette Kassel

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 "Let's weave together the art and science of therapy to help you reduce  your anxiety and create a more beautiful, connected life"  

Anxiety Treatment for Adults & Teens

We’ll explore what’s causing your anxiety by looking at lessons you learned in childhood as well as current communication and relationship skills. We'll then address symptoms using both thinking-based CBT and mind-body interventions.

Relationship Counseling

Dealing with other people can seem very confusing until you understand the rules that underly all great relationships. With a little bit of encouragement to take risks, you can move beyond just getting by in relationships to making them flourish.

Individual Psychotherapy

Using evidence-based practices, we will work together to understand your situation, map out a plan, explore options with creativity, and learn new skills side by side to help you achieve your goals.

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Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment (CCATP) Professional

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Or easily schedule a free New Client Consultation without playing phone tag. 

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